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We take the safeguarding of your information very seriously. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your information we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and administrative procedures to safeguard and secure the files you upload to the Service. However, no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic data storage is 100% secure and while we have put in place appropriate protections, we cannot guarantee the security of information you upload to the Service.


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Medix in media

Medix in media
  “Case Management: Why do you need it?” 
Getting the news of an illness leads you and your family in a spiral of uncertainty, and that’s exactly the reason you need medical case management. What is it, and how can it help you? (published: 3.11.2014 on Ynet) 
  “From diagnosis and until recovery: This is how you manage your condition”
Second opinions, which specialist is the best in their field, which tests to seek out: when you get the news of a chronic condition, either yourself, or a loved one, one of the toughest hurdles is dealing with the unknown about your condition, and about how to get the best doctors and resources. The full guide that will help you find yourself among the chaos. (published 3.11.2014 on Ynet) 
  “Choosing correctly: Public or private healthcare?”
When is it time to seek out private healthcare, when is it better to stick with the public health system, and is treatment abroad always the right choice? All the answers within. 
(published in Ynet 10.11.2014)
  “How Aviel, Ronit and Shlomi were given a new life”
A rare tumour that was operated on abroad, a surgeon who treated a life threatening lung condition, and a diagnosis that prevented unnecessary operations. 3 stories of people that were faced with difficult medical conditions that required treatment abroad, and the creative solutions that saved their lives. How did seeking out medical case management, which ensured the best treatment, give them back their health?
(published in Ynet 17.11.2014)
  “The problem is private supplementary insurance, but they’re scared to upset the HMOs”
Says Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix, at a conference of senior specialists that discussed the recommendations of the Yael German health committee. (Magazine “Adif”, 10.09.2014)
  “How and when to seek a second opinion”
In what cases is it especially recommended to seek a second opinion, how to choose a physician for a second opinion, and what to say to the first doctor? All of the answers according to leading physicians, including Professor Menachem Fainar, Medix’ leading consultant. (“Menta”, May edition 2014)
  “Why is personal medical case management important?”
Listen to Medix’ medical case manager, Dr. Asher Barak. (Radio “Galgalim BaReshet” April 2014)
  “It’s the patients’ right to know who is treating them, and how”
In contrast to other advanced health care systems in the world, in Israel there is no report of medical procedure outcomes: percentage of complications after surgery, infection rate and average death rate. In spite of the fact that the quality of public health care in Israel is high, there are still gaps between hospitals. Transparency and reports would help improve the system, and to close these gaps. (Published on 18.3.2013 in “The Marker”)
  “Medicine in business” 
At the seam between the doctor and patient, piles of information and the simple person, Sigal Atzmon’s medical consulting company comes into the picture. A conversation with the woman that in the middle of her life decided to change everything, become self-employed, combine morals with business success, and to do all of this without any regrets. (Published 3.2012 in “The Marker”)
  “Is the department head the best?”
The struggle surrounding department head appointments highlights the arguments between different senior specialists in the healthcare system. Sigal Atzmon: “the department head isn’t necessarily the best physician, especially not as a general statement. One of the reasons for this is that sometimes there are outside considerations that lead to their appointment.” (Published 08.1.2011 in “The Marker)
  “1 out of 8 web surfers consult the internet for medical problems” 
According to Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix, personal medical case management allows the patient to get accurate, unbiased information regarding the correct treatment for his condition. (Published 21.10.2010 in “Maariv”) 
  “Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix: “one third of cancer cases can be treated with the correct treatment” 
In a lecture by the CEO of Medix, she states the challenges that the health care system faces, including quality of life, quality, and structural problems. (Published 19.10.2010 in ANET) 
  “Freedom of choice can cost you your life” 
In empowering the patient, and in general giving the patient the power to choose between different treatment options, there is also a downside. Sigal Atzmon: “In many cases, the patient wants their doctor to explain things to them, but ultimately to make the choice for them”(Published 22.9.2010 in “The Marker”)
  “Is a private hospital the best choice?”
In light of the one year anniversary of Asuta private hospital opening in Ramat HaChayal, leaders in the health care system are talking about the difficulties, the challenges and the competition that is happening in the health care market. Sigal Atzmon, CEO of Medix: “the leading specialists don’t provide better care at Asuta, rather more comfortable care. It’s the complicated patients who don’t meet the criterion needed to get care at private hospitals, who suffer the most.” (Published 3.6.2010, “The Marker” – weekend edition) 
  “A new service: Medical case management at Harel” 
“Harel” insurance company integrated a new service in the field of health insurance. This service provides professional guidance of a doctor, in cases of serious medical conditions. (Published on 18.2.2010 in “Globes”) 
  “Harel offers: Personal doctor”
The insurance company “Harel” introduces a new service – “Personal Medical Case Management” (Published on 11.2.2010 in “Calcalist”) 
  “Harel insurance will market Medix’ personal medical case management to their members”
This new service promises to its insured personal support from the moment of diagnosis, and until recovery. (Published 10.2.2010 in Maariv)
  “CEO of Medix, Sigal Atzmon: ‘allow for private medical services on the foundation of the public health system”
According to Atzmon, in the current structure of the health care system, without permission to access the public foundation, the public is missing out on many important resources.” (Published on 8.9.2009 in the insurance portal Anet)
  “New in Israel: a private company will manage your disease”
A patient ill with a complicated condition feels helpless in the face of all of the medical information, physician’s opinions, and different treatment options. A private company offers a solution for this problem; up until now the only proposed solution was the Rabbi Fierer. (Published 30.8.2009 in Ynet) 
  “CEO of Medix, Sigal Atzmon: ‘the average Israeli family spends 5.3% of their budget on private health services”
Lately we’re exposed to many recommendations for assistive care insurance, in addition to other personal insurances. It seems that the public in Israel is required to spend more and more money on health. We asked the CEO of Medix, Sigal Atzmon, whether this is justified, and where we stand in relation to the rest of the world. (Published on 30.8.2009 in the insurance portal Anet)
  “Medical screening for managers: A nice benefit, but it won’t save you from a catastrophe” 
Many managers receive from their place of employment a generous package of early detection medical tests. Is it enough? CEO of Medix: ‘these packages haven’t been updated in nearly a decade, and haven’t taken advantage of professional developments in the field of medicine’. (Published 24.6.2009 in “The Marker”) 
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