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The war on “super bugs”

The war on “super bugs”

While visiting a hospital, Medix’ CEO encountered a lack of hygienic caution that shocked her. What can be done?

Earlier this week I went to the hospital in order to visit a young patient of ours hospitalized in the internal ward, and under isolation. In case you didn’t know, when a patient is placed under isolation it means that he was found to be carrying a “super bug”, whose spread is very important to prevent. In addition to the patient becoming vulnerable to a variety of different infections because of the bacteria, the danger of exposure to other patients is great. 
According to a report by the State Comptroller, 6000 people die a year in Israel because of hospital acquired infections. Calculations predict that between 1,000-4,500 of these cases could be prevented by adhering to basic hygiene standards. 
While visiting our patient, an orderly came in and started taking care of her; changing her diaper and more. Although the orderly did wear gloves, I was shocked to see that she didn’t enter the room with a disposable robe, which is required according to protocol. 
Imagine my amazement when the same orderly finished with our patient and moved on to the neighbouring patient, a sickly old woman, without changing gloves, washing hands, or cleaning up in any other way. I can’t even begin to explain the risk involved in such behaviour, and what a devastating outcome it could have. 
And why am I telling you all of this? In order to encourage you to pay attention to these things. If you, or a loved one is hospitalized, don’t be shy in asking the team to disinfect their hands and wear/change gloves before they touch you. In every room there is a disinfectant, and every team member is required to use it before and after contact with each patient. It might be a bit embarrassing, but your lives are dependent on you speaking up; simple as that. 

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